Nothing good happens between the hours of 7-11. That's why we decided to give the 7/11 brand an alter ego: 11/7.

Logo Re-design: (Logo changes on neon signs exactly at 11 p.m.)


These first set of billboards would be a series of three sequential digital billboards along a high way, with heavy traffic, that would tell a short story for drivers to see as they sat in traffic. The series would change to at 11 p.m. 



Other Print:

These prints would appear on digital billboards, with a print running from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. urging viewers to return at 11 p.m. to see the intended message. 


Day/Night change:


The after hour taxi, available for an increased price after 11 p.m. in select U.S. cities.

"Fuel" stations that are available after 11 p.m. Bring a container of choice, purchase tokens that release a select amount of slushy inside the 7/11 store, and then go back outside and fill their containers with slushy using a fuel nozzle. 

Copywriter: Some prick named Caleb.

Art Direction/Design: Judd Smith / Cleo Parra

Strategy: Amar Mann / Nicole Allen / Me