We needed to  somehow make a college-level business competition compelling, without any of our own footage from the competition. Easy, right?


Do you want to know how to become a successful entrepreneur?

Of course you do. here’s where you start.

Go to bed early.

Wake up early, like realllly early.

Drink coffee.

Make more coffee.

Forget the article you read about coffee stunting your growth.

Go on a run.

Take a break to appreciate nature. Shower, brush your teeth, find something that’s clean.

Remember the idea you thought of when you were an undergrad.

Now make it into a good product.

No, make your idea into great a product!

Remember that idea you had back in college.

No, not that idea.

Refine your idea.

Make it great.

Go online, do research about where to pitch your idea.

People. NEED. To. Hear. Your. Idea.


Yes, they do.

Discover NVC.

Wait, what’s NVC?

University of Oregon.

25 years running.

Competitors from around the globe.



Realize NVC is the best competition in the state, no the nation, no the world. 

See someone winning the competition.  

Picture yourself winning the competition. 

Get motivated.

Apply online



Get accepted.

Celebrate with your third energy drink of the day. 

Buy a plane ticket to Oregon. 

Land in Portland. 

Realize Portland is a little bit different.

Learn to like different.

Head to the venue.

Mingle with the other contestants. 

Secretly wish you’d thought of some of their ideas. 

Realize your idea is still good.

Meet the judges. 

Listen to their expertise.

Practice your Elevator pitch. 

Remember deodorant.

Stress about that one word you always forget how to pronounce.

Give your pitch. 

Nail it. 

Get announced as a finalist. 

Have a panic attack.

Regroup mentally.

Take some time to let loose. 

And Mingle some more.

Head to the finals. 

Wish the other contestant good luck.

Present your business plan. 

Nail it, again. 

Win 25,000 dollars to help start making your dream come true. 

And, most importantly, don’t forget to call your mom.

“Yes Mom I’m going to write the judges thank you notes.”

It’s that easy.  

I wrote and directed this video with two exceptionally talented members of the student-run advertising agency Allen Hall Advertising: 

Turner Maxwell. The ginger James Wong Howe.

Tyler Robinson. Premiere Premiere skills.