It’s my résumé.  Not my mixtape.

It’s my résumé.

Not my mixtape.

~ experience ~

Freelance - Copywriter // July 2019 - Present

Clients: Contact me directly about my current freelance work.

I’m not 26 yet so who needs health insurance benefits am I right?

180LA - Junior Copywriter // February 2018 - July 2019

Clients: University of Phoenix, Postmates, UNICEF, New Business

I worked at a place with a pool table and dogs, so that was rad. I made work too, I promise.

Ubisoft - Copywriting Intern // Summer 2017

Games: Far Cry 5, Assassin's Creed 5, STEEP

I played a lottt of video games. My inner 10 year old was stoked. 

Allen Hall Advertising - Copywriter // Summer 2016 - Fall 2017

Clients: UO Baseball, UO Women's Basketball, CHOW

I had to pay to make work for people. Education is a Ponzi scheme.

FishDuck - Managing Editor // Summer 2014 - Fall 2016

I ran a website with a staff of over 50 employees when I was 18. Nothing was set on fire, so it was a success.





University of Phoenix

Taylor Morrison





USA Today

The Drum

Fast Company


My mom’s Facebook page


Fifth Grade Gymnastics Participation Trophy

Young Ones Gold Pencil - TOMS

Cannes Lions Craft Copywriting Shortlist - Postmates

ThinkLA Best Visual Campaign - Postmates

Webbys Nomination and Honoree - University of Phoenix


Hey look! It’s my face. Now you know I’m not a Russian bot.