It’s my résumé.  Not my mixtape.

It’s my résumé.

Not my mixtape.

~ experience ~

180LA - Junior Copywriter // February 2018 - Present

Clients: University of Phoenix, Postmates, UNICEF, New Business

I get paid to work at a place with a pool table and dogs, so I’m happy.

Ubisoft - Copywriting Intern // Summer 2017

Games: Far Cry 5, Assassin's Creed 5, STEEP

I played a lottt of video games. My inner 10 year old was stoked. 

Allen Hall Advertising - Copywriter // Summer 2016 - Fall 2017

Clients: UO Baseball, UO Women's Basketball, CHOW

I had to pay to make work for people. Education is a Ponzi scheme.

FishDuck - Managing Editor // Summer 2014 - Fall 2016

I ran a website with a staff of over 50 employees when I was 18. Nothing was set on fire, so it was a success.


Adweek, AdAge, USA Today, The Drum, Fast Company, Fatherly, and more


Fifth Grade Gymnastics Participation Trophy, Young Ones Gold Pencil, Cannes Lions Craft Copywriting Shortlist


Hey look! It’s my face. Now you know I’m not a Russian bot.