Baseball games are fun! Sadly, the student body seems to spend their Sundays curing hangovers instead of making the trek over to PK Park. We were tasked to make the fun and excitement of baseball games relate to students and so... Party at PK!

The Goods (A limited-time merchandise line we created for fans at the game):

The Print (Both schedules for games and merchandise):

Experiential (Home Run Derby and ASUO Street Fair):

Digital + Social (Snapchat + Spotify):

Off Campus Marketing (Bars + Apartments):

Account Manager/"Da Boss": Macy Naughton

Copy: I made the words good

AD/Design/Overqualified to be working with me: Aven-itza De Primavera

Strategists/Smarter people than myself: Andrew Greenblatt, Zach Cross

Media Planner/Professional Life Saver: Sydney Humble